Exchange-Traded Instrument

Azzilon SmartB 100 ETI

offers an attractive alternative to buy and hold equity and low rates fixed income.

Why Azzilon SmartB 100?

Broad investment Universe Most active components.​

The portfolio’s investment universe will be focused on the globally most actively traded financial products and asset classes such as Stocks, ETFs, Indices, Futures, Commodities, Fixed Income, FX, and Cryptos.

Investment Objective Reduce risk and enhance return

The overall goal, as far as risk is concerned, is to diversify the portfolio holdings in various assets having low correlation.  ​Exposure to volatile products will greatly be reduced by exiting most of the portfolio positions before the financial market sessions end.  

Investment Strategy Systematically rebalance

The overall strategy is to use powerful algorithms to monitor and rebalance the portfolio as needed.

More volatility, better returns,
regardless of the market's direction

Investment systematically rebalanced 

produces an enhanced risk reward relationship and this is what most investors really

Indices such as

DAX, S&P DJI, NASDAQ,  Single or basket of securities, commodities, currencies. 

In Azzilon's terms,

the higher the passive investment gets, the better we perform, no matter in which direction it goes.​

Our investment universe

is limitless, but we chose to trade the globally most liquid financial products, ETFs and cryptos. ​


Azzilon SmartB 100 Structured Product is traded on the Stuttgart Exchange.

It is  available for trading via Interactive Brokers, Swissquote or any other broker or bank having access to the Stuttgart Exchange in Germany

Azzilon SmartB 100 Solution

Actively managed, risk mitigation process.

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