Offerings available to Financial Institutions using Azzilon's expertise in Smart Beta portfolios and Index Construction.

Smart Beta Service

In today's environment, Asset Managers must deliver, an improved risk-return ratio to their investors at discounted rates. Azzilon can assist in achieving improved ratios by providing Smart Beta Model Portfolios. This is a substantial segment of our service offering.

Indexed Smart Portfolios

Azzilon provides Smart Beta Portfolios to financial organizations acting as Index Calculators and Index Price Publishers. Banks sponsor these Indices where Azzilon is retained as Systematic Investment Advisor.

Tradable Instruments

An Index cannot be traded in its current state as it is simply a number, representing the Net Asset Value of the Indexed Portfolio. In order for the index to be tradable, Banks, or regulated issuers, sponsor Smart Beta Indices and link to one (or several) tradable instruments.

Tradeable Elements Examples

Delta 1 Bank Notes

Capital Guaranteed Bank Notes

Exchange Traded Notes (ETn)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

Daily Leverage Certificates

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