The missing link
between Blockchain and  Wall Street.


The Alpha Generator

The Q-Token is a digital asset linked to a portfolio of listed and traded securities being systematically managed by an Azzilon Algorithm.

Its functionality is to generate alpha on investment, outperforming a buy & hold position in said investment, regardless of the market direction.

The Q-Token investment
universe is limitless.

Equity shares.

Thematic equity baskets.

Diversified portfolios.

Fiat or crypto currencies.



Azzilon’s Business & Revenue Model:

Azzilon owns the know-how that
makes Q-Token possible.

Business model: Partnering with eligible securities promoters capable of promoting their own version of Q-Token, “the JV’s tokens”. 

Revenue Model: Azzilon will earn a token participation in each issuance of Q-Tokens in exchange of a license giving the right to connect the underlying portfolio to our trading systems.  The trading system’s operation will be assigned to a regulated asset manager authorized by Azzilon.

Azzilon's Expansion

Our users are our best sales-people.
We are growing by words of mouth.

A pre-Equity Token Offering of 10,000,000 tokens will be made available, on invitation only, at $0.50

The initial price is
intended to be
approximatively $1 per

Initial funding will be used
as working capital.
Preparing the issuance of
several Q-Tokens in
partnership with various
securities promoters

Azzilon is preparing its token issuance consisting of 100 million authorized AZTOK; the Azzilon Token. 

Filing some patent, trade secret, copyright and trademark applications.

Preparing marketing campaign to promote the Q-Token.

Future value of Azzilon’s tokens

If past performance is of any indication, the Q-Token is expected to generate outstanding performances across several type of securities. This will most probably be reflected on Azzilon own tokens market value.

Disclaimer: Investing in Azzilon’s tokens must be considered as a speculative investment and is only suitable for accredited (sophisticated) investors who understand both the security industry as well as the blockchain and their mutual regulations and specific opportunities and related risks.

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