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Digital Finance

Azzilon is positioning itself in digital finance by offering a bridge between Traditional Finance and Digital Finance. We are now building the next generation of Compliant Asset-backed Digital Investments.

The missing link

Our Digital Issuance and Management platform, based on IBM Hyperledger Fabric, that drives and enables emerging technologies and digital assets.

Compliant Tokenisation & Issuance platform

Underlying Assets



Digital Vault Asset 1

Digital Vault Asset 2

Security Token
Asset 1

Digital Pair

Security Token 
Asset 1 & 2

Security Token 
Asset 2



Azzilon Tokens

Regulated portfolios wrapped in traditional and regulated instruments such as an ETF, or fund, issued with a prospectus.

The previous product is then tokenized by Azzilon on the IBM Hyperledger Fabric centralized platform.

Once the regulated product is tokenized on Hyperledger, it can be traded on the secondary market on any compatible exchange that accepts it for listing.

Regulated Contents

Azzilon assembles a regulated portfolio and uses its institutional grade systematic algorithms to rebalance it as needed. The portfolio's objective is to generate Alpha.

Compliant Wagon

Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source project from the Linux Foundation, is the modular blockchain framework and de facto standard for enterprise blockchain platforms. Hyperledger is a centralized permission-based ledger used by 85% of the regulated banks and financial institutions.

Railroad Agnostic

A chain is in fact like a "railroad". The compliant "wagon" built on IBM Hyper Ledger, in which the "regulated contents" can travel safely respecting all the existing rules and regulations.

Highly Secure Platform

Military Grade Technology

no counterparty risk

Physical assets backing the tokens are with a regulated custodian and audited in real-time

Systematically Managed Token

Azzilon Systematic Platform is embedded in the Token (E-Contract)

Security Token Issuance

Allows the creation of asset-backed security tokens as single units, pairs or in the form of a portfolio basket


Agnostic to any Blockchain