Azzilon, powering investments

Azzilon is about investments in
the way processors are about computers.

– Charles Villeneuve, Founder & Executive VP Financial Engineering


Investment Universe and Wrappers

Azzilon is launching the Q-Tokens Series. First systematic tokenized portfolios on Blockchain: Linking Wall Street and Blockchain

  We’re launching a series of fully regulated digitalized portfolios quantitativelly managed to outperform their respective benchmarks.

Q-token is the first systematic tokenized portfolio on Blockchain: Linking Wall Street and Blockchain.

SmartB 100 ETI

offers an attractive alternative to buy and hold equity and low rates fixed income.

Investment Universe: The most actively traded financial instruments.

Investment Objective: To reduce risk while enhancing returns.

Investment Strategy: Systematic rebalancing by Azzilon.

Available for trading via Interactive Brokers, Swissquote or any other broker or bank having access to the Stuttgart Exchange in Germany.


Reducing risk by being systematic

There is no room for emotions in assets management.

Powerful AI tools

Our algos are powered by Artificial Intelligence and genetically optimized.

Direction agnostic

Bullish or bearish, any tradable instrument producing some degree of volatility provides trading opportunities.

Enhanced Return

Systematically rebalanced investment generates a smoother experience and outperforms a passive holding strategy.


What we are and What we aren’t.

Knowing who you are defines what you should be doing.

Our team

Pierre McMaster 

CEO Canada

Charles Villeneuve

Founder & Executive VP Financial Engineering

Jean Labrecque

QGold Partner

Jorge Veres ​

CEO Spain

Anthony Giammaria

Legal Affairs

Mariana De Oleo

Human Resources

Christina Joseph

Head of Accounting Department

Christian Villeneuve

VP Trading Operations

Ana J. Fernández

Marketing Director

Capturing movement, removing noise

Our success comes from the systematic way we
use volatility and price data.

Azzilon: Systematic versus passive

Most investment proposals are presently either passive,
fundamental or emotional. We are different.

ETFs are amongst the most popular investments.

But they only clone the price movement of the instrument they passively carry.

Fundamental's analysis is no longer reliable.

Otherwise, Tesla and Bitcoin would not be priced as they are.

Systematic asset management: scientific and non-emotional.

Based on price movement observations and analysis, Azzilon systems tracks financial markets and execute pre-defined investment decisions.

Azzilon's Expansion

Our users are our best sales-people.
We are growing by words of mouth.

Our systems are used
by first tier

Financial products holding
portfolios designed and
supported by Azzilon are
listed on global exchanges.

Banks, financial instruments issuers, investment managers, brokers and blockchain developers are integrating Azzilon in their product offering

Our Private Wealth Independent Advisors Network is promoting our client’s investment products.

Our network

Reasons to contact Azzilon

If you agree that institutional grade investment solutions
should be democratized, contact us.

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