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Risk Management


Azzilon uses well-known methodologies to reduce the risk and/or enhance portfolio returns at low transaction and management costs. Azzilon's portfolio constituents are also prioritized based on their Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance scores. Measuring ethical impacts of underlying assets along with risk will always be key factors of its portfolios. Once a portfolio has been constructed, it can be used as a management tool or as an index portfolio.


Offerings available to Financial Institutions using Azzilon's expertise in Smart Beta portfolios and Index Construction.

Smart Beta

Smart beta investing combines the benefits of passive investing and the advantages of active investing strategies.

Originally theorized by Harry Markowitz in his work on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), smart beta is a response to a question that forms the basis of MPT - how to best construct the optimally diversified portfolio. Smart Beta answers this by allowing a portfolio to expand on the efficient frontier (post-cost) of active and passive.

Forefront of Technology

In order to enhance the risk-return ratio of constructed portfolios, Azzilon continually focuses on research & development. Our approach combines Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with proven portfolio construction methodologies, to maximize performance results.